About us

About Waltham Forest Echo

We are an independent community newspaper for the London borough of Waltham Forest, established in 2014. We publish monthly and distribute 20,000 free copies of each issue via cafes, pubs, community spaces, train stations, and people’s doors.

The aim of the Echo is to promote the work of local community organisations and voluntary sector groups, along with arts and cultural activities taking place in the borough. We also want to provide an opportunity for local people to contribute and raise important issues, as well as offering a platform from which to hold authority to account.

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We are a not-for-profit newspaper. Most of our funding comes from local advertisers, while we also receive money via our membership scheme. All income is spent on making and improving the Echo.

Our owners

Waltham Forest Echo is published by Social Spider CIC on behalf of WFWellComm CIC, a social enterprise formed by charities and social enterprises based in Waltham Forest.

The WFWellComm management board comprises: David Floyd (Social Spider), Tom Ruxton (HEET), Helen Tredoux (Community Transport Waltham Forest). The member organisations of WFWellComm are: Community Transport Waltham Forest, Social Spider, HEET.

Our members

The members of Waltham Forest Echo are: Darrel Hunneybell, Sarah Jones, David Hamilton, Chris Lemin, Jean Duggleby, David Gardiner, Melanie Strickland, Michael Grimshaw, Dexter Coles, Roland Karthaus, David O’Driscoll, Sanjoy Kumar, Keith Magnum, Renetta Neal, Paul Schneider, Deri Jones, Megan Lucero, Andrew Sharp, Deri Jones, Scott Davies, Abigail Woodman, Madeleine Munday, Ian Cadogan, Lee Mitchell, Pat Stannard, Irena Souroup, Paul Scaife, Roy Sutton, Jon Dalladay, David Kalloo.

Independent Community News Network

Independent Community News Network (ICNN)Waltham Forest Echo is a member of the Independent Community News Network, the UK representative body for the independent community and hyperlocal news sector. For more information go to: communityjournalism.co.uk/icnn.

How to make a complaintIMPRESS: Trust In Journalism

Waltham Forest Echo is a member of IMPRESS: The Independent Monitor of The Press. For more information on the Echo’s complaints policy and how to make a complaint, click here.